Dark mode is one of the latest design trends that are here to stay. Even though people love reading light text on a dark background now, it’s not new. Today we know as ‘dark mode’ what used to be the standard back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s.

Back in the day, computers worked with electron beams, and the light coming from them was really dim. The arrival of CRT monitors that could emit brighter lights and more colors and the advent of GUIs (Graphic User Interphase) introduced light mode, which is what we use today.

So what…

Do you have “that thing” that’s always hard to remember, but you know it’s important? Birthdays, chores, activities, something’s missing. The same thing tends to happen in projects.

Having a checklist that reminds you of those tasks is a useful yet straightforward aid to fulfill requirements. …

This article should serve as a starting point into what Vision in Product Design is.

ViP is a design process developed by Paul Hekkert and Matthijs van Dijk. It’s a framework oriented to explore opportunities for a product in the future.

You won’t become an oracle or a card reader (that’d be cool, though!). …


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